Partick Folk Club

Partick Folk Club contact details

Contact: Gavin Livingstone

Past Performances

Artists wishing to contact the club for a booking, please do NOT send materials to St Peter's Church.  Instead, contact for an address.

There have been many memorable nights at Partick Folk Club with both local favourites and well known acts performing. Jim King will usually get events off to a fine start with a song or two!  Gavin Livingstone is also a regular floor singer at the club.

Past performers include:

  • Mick West and Frank McLaughlin
  • The Paul McKenna Band
  • The Linzi Murphy Trio
  • Muldoons' Picnic
  • Lurach
  • Tim Eriksen
  • Sarah McQuaid
  • Cruachan
  • Gordeanna McCulloch
  • The Ideal Band
  • Adam McNaughtan
  • Tich Frier
  • The Moonshiners
  • The Sangsters
  • Yuptae
  • Richard Grainger
  • The Speirs Family
  • Ian Bruce and Ian Walker
  • Jim Shearer
  • Jim Malcolm


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