Partick Folk Club

Partick Folk Club contact details

Contact: Gavin Livingstone

Past Performances

There have been many memorable nights at Partick Folk Club with both local favourites and well known acts performing. Mick West usually gets events off to a fine start with a song or two!  Gavin Livingstone is also a regular floor singer at the club.

Past performers include:

  • Mick West and Frank McLaughlin
  • The Paul McKenna Band
  • The Linzi Murphy Trio
  • Muldoons' Picnic
  • Lurach
  • Tim Eriksen
  • Sarah McQuaid
  • Cruachan
  • Gordeanna McCulloch
  • The Ideal Band
  • Adam McNaughtan
  • Tich Frier
  • The Moonshiners
  • The Sangsters
  • Yuptae
  • Richard Grainger
  • The Speirs Family
  • Ian Bruce and Ian Walker
  • Jim Shearer
  • Jim Malcolm


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